Where to shop on-line for running shoes?!?

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Where to shop on-line for running shoes?!?

Postby Steve Curtis » Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:21 pm

Dear HTCers,

I used to have a nice long list of on-line outlets for running kit in the UK. Having recently moved to Aus, most of them won't cut the mustard anymore. Unfortunately, the clowns at Wiggle have let me down (and not for the first time), so I'm looking for other places I could go to get some running shoes (not Wiggle clown shoes) as my current ones have run out of mileage. Any suggestions for reliable and competitive websites?!?

Cheers, Steve
Steve Curtis
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Postby Martin » Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:13 am

Hi Steve

Just saw your post.

I have used Wiggle several times without problems particularly if you know what you want, so it is frustrating when that doesn't happen. I quite often hit a specialty runners store to see the latest and greatest and see what else suits in brands that I may not have used before and I find Nortside Runners good for this and they have a website. If you are a member of Sydney Striders then there is usually 10% off.

Last time I was down there it was between Saucony and On-Swiss and having chosen the Saucony, I then later picked up a pair of On-Swiss at Busselton for $100. So the visit was good value.

Good luck

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